Akothee LICKING HER SUFURIAS in the Kitchen leaves KENYANS SPEECHLESS(video)

- Akothee is always controversial

- She recently took to her Instagram to share a clip licking her sufuria and claimed she was trying to save food as many are dying of hunger

- The video left many stunned while others laughed to tears

Seems like the high cost of living currently in Kenya is pushing even flamboyant artists to do the unexpected.

Akothee, lately, has morphed into what looks like a controversial comedian on her Instagram account.

She recently posted a video licking a sufuria seated on her kitchen floor. But her explanation why she did it is what left many Kenyans talking and, rather surprised.

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Akothee licks her sufuria’s to save food(video)


“People are dying of hunger and you are throwing food away?” said the controversial singer on the video. “Where has Unga gone?”

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The video left many stunned while others laughed to tears. It’s a thing we have seen a lot from the singer lately.

Her Instagram account has been transformed into something which most celebrities are afraid to do: Show their real life.

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Fans have always congratulated the singer for her realness on Instagram, where, everyone is always perfect and well-off.

Watch the clip below:

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