Brave dog proves that he's man's best friend by saving child from deadly snake

- A brave pit bull saved a child from a deadly copperhead snake

- He killed the snake but suffered venomous bites

- Fortunately, he was treated and is recovering well

Dogs are famous for being man's best friend and one pit bull in Texas proved it yet again recently.

A woman named Stacie Rae English shared the amazing story on Facebook. She said her brother was walking his dog Hurley late in the evening when he heard a child's ******.

Hurley quickly ran to the child with Stacie's brother in hot pursuit. He then saw his dog grabbing a deadly copperhead snake, flinging it around.

This gave the little boy a chance to run to his mother, who drove away quickly. Stacie's brother presumed that the mother took her child to the hospital to be checked.

Meanwhile, Hurley had killed the snake but suffered some bites. They took him to a vet quickly for treatment and fortunately, he has survived and is recovering well.

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The brave pit bull, Hurley. Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

The brave pit bull, Hurley. Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

Stacie said they are hoping to find out if the boy is OK because his mother drove away quickly before talking to Stacie's brother.

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Her post has gone viral online, garnering more than 70,000 reactions, 19,000 shares and 3,000 comments. Many praised the dog's brave rescue. One commenter said: "Great job Hurley! I'm so glad he's going to be ok! This warms my heart!"

A copperhead snake. Photo:

A copperhead snake. Photo:

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