Creepy! Video of mother feeding her baby live WORMS sparks angry debate online (photos,video)

- A really creepy video is causing a lot of chaos online as users debate on whether or not worms and insects can be considered as 'healthy delicacy'

- Whereas majority find this act gross and extremely disturbing to watch, others see nothing wrong with it and even encourages the mother to feed her baby whatever is available

- The live worms can be seen crawling and wriggling in a bowl from where the mother picks and feeds them to her toddler who clearly doesn't know what she is eating. Is it poverty or the baby was simply on special diet?

A creepy video of mother feeding her toddler worms has sparked heated debate online as users argue on whether it is right or wrong to feed on this particular creature.

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Creepy! Video of mother feeding her baby live WORMS sparks angry debate online (photos,video)

The mum is filmed feeding the girl worms from a bowl of the live insects

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The video shows an innocent-looking baby girl curiously staring at the wriggling and crawling worms in a bowl. Her mother then takes a few of the black creatures and gives the little girl to eat.

The baby, who clearly doesn't know what she is being fed, happily chews and swallows the worms, as her mother hands her more.

Though she has no clue what she is feasting on, she seems very happy. Her mom can be heard encouraging her from behind the camera as she takes another worm to eat.

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The girl consumes about five worms in the 52-second footage. At some point, the mother accidentally drops some of the worms near her daughters feet who watches them as they wriggle away in panic. But she continues to eat them anyway.

Some of those who have watched the clip find it extremely disturbing and gross. However, there are quite a number of people who find nothing disturbing in the video.

"Western ignorance is showing. We are not used to eating insects and worms. But worldwide it is very common," says one social media user.

"Insects are eaten by over two billion people worldwide. You eat what's available. Anybody who said there is real poverty in the west needs to see videos like this," says another user.

Opinions seem to differ when it comes to consuming worms and insects. Therefore, one could argue that there was nothing wrong with a mother feeding her baby worms. This, however, may depend on whether or not people eat worms and insects where you come from.

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Watch disturbing video of mother feeding her daughter live worms and insects:

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