Details of how 33 drunk Naivasha students came to sing and indecently dance mugithi songs at police station

- 33 drunk students caused a scene at a police station when they began singing mugithi and dancing indecently

- They were in the company of two male teachers aged 24 and 27, and their bus driver aged 30

- They had been on a school trip when motorists complained of the bus being driven dangerously and the students exhibiting disgusting behaviour on the road

Police at Ol Kalou Station had a difficult time containing 33 drunk students, two teachers and a driver they had arrested at a bar on Friday, July 7.

According to Officer Commanding Police Division Wilson Kosgei, his officers had monitored the Naivasha Mixed High School 33-seater bus full of KCSE candidates from Nyahururu town.

The students were on a school trip in the company of two male teachers aged 24 and 27.

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Naivasha students arrested

A street in Nakuru town. Source: Sky scrapper city

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"They were on a school tour visiting Nakuru and later, Nyahururu town. Motorists complained of the bus being driven carelessly and the passengers exhibiting disgusting behaviour," said Kosgei.

According to the Daily Nation on Sunday July 9, the bus was then driven to a bar where the teachers bought more alcoholic drinks for the students.

"We arrested 11 girls and 22 boys, and found assorted spirits and soft drinks laced with alcohol. It appears they had been drinking the whole day," added Kosgei.

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Naivasha students arrested

The students were busted with an assortment of alcoholic drinks. Source: Business Daily.

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The drama begun when the students gave police a difficult time at the station. Apparently, they were not even aware they had been arrested and began singing and dancing popular mugithi songs.

"Some of the girls were *****, indecently exposing their bodies. They even invited onlookers who jammed the station to join in the merry making," said a police officer.

The students were released to the school's board of management as the teachers await to be charged in court on Monday, July 10.

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Naivasha students arrested

The teachers and driver are due in court on Monday, July 10. Source: Daily Nation.

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The driver, 30, will face charges of being drunk and disorderly, and carrying excess passengers.

"We initially detained the students for their own safety. It was better for parents to hear that their children are in police custody than get information that they were involved in a road accident,

"I wonder why the school administration entrusted the students to the male teachers without a female one to chaperone the girls. We also found tat the bus had not been insured," concluded Kosgei.

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Details of how 33 drunk Naivasha students came to sing and indecently dance mugithi songs at police station

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