Dr. Ofweneke responds after ex-wife hinted he was a DEADBEAT dad

- Dr.Ofweneke and gospel singer Nicah The Queen parted ways a couple of months ago after the comedian allegedly hit the singer

- Nicah,in a recent interview hinted that Ofweneke was a deadbeat dad

- Ofweneke recently trashed the deadbeat allegation with a single photo he shared on social media

Top-brass Kenyan comedian Dr. Ofweneke recently proved to his critics and naysayers that he is the best dad in the entire world.

The comedian who broke up with his lovely wife Nicah The Queen in March,2017 has shared an adorable photo of himself hanging out with her daughter,trashing rumours that he is a deadbeat dad.

Ofweneke’s post comes barely a fortnight after his ex-wife Nicah The Queen hinted that he was a deadbeat dad in an interview with a local publication.

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According to the interview, Ofweneke had apparently abandoned his responsibilities as a father to their two daughters after calling it quits with Nicah who is a popular gospel musician.

Well, in a quick rejoinder, Ofweneke contradicted the claims by sharing a photo of himself spending some quality time with his daughter.

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Dr. Ofweneke responds after ex-wife hinted he was a DEADBEAT dad


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Judging from the photos, it is clear Ofweneke has never stopped being the responsible father he has always been to his daughters.

The post has just killed a grueling rumor that was on the verge of dragging Ofweneke’s reputation in mud.

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As reported by TUKO.co.ke earlier, Ofweneke and Nicah The Queen parted ways a while back after the former was accused of battering the latter.

Dr. Ofweneke responds after ex-wife hinted he was a DEADBEAT dad

Is he the next president of Kenya?

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