Girl, 8, arrested on BURGLARY and theft charges after breaking into car with her friends (video)

- Police in Florida have arrested an eight-year-old girl

- She faces charges of burglary and attempted theft

- Surveillance footage showed her breaking into a car

Police in Palm Beach in Florida, US have arrested an eight-year-old girl on burglary and attempted theft charges.

According to Florida Today, surveillance footage showed the girl, whose name is withheld due to her age, breaking into a car along with another juvenile on May 8.

Police indicated that they were obligated to arrest the young girl because car burglary is a felony offense.

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Lt. Mike Bandish, a police spokesman, said: “It is a felony. There has to be a charge. Also, my understanding is that she was not placed in a lock-up situation."

He said it is unusual for a child her age to engage in car burglary, adding that this offense is usually associated with kids in their mid-teens.

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The juvenile accompanying the girl, an unnamed 13-year-old boy, was also charged with burglary.

A third girl whose age is unknown was seen retreating from the car in the surveillance video and is not facing charges.

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The accused are set to face a juvenile judge on June 2. The judge will determine whether the girl is a delinquent or should be placed in a youth program.

Watch coverage of the incident in the video below.

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