Man, 60, shoots wife dead for delaying his dinner

- Indian man pulls trigger and kills wife for delaying his dinner

- The killer husband arrived home drunk and demand for food

- But her pissed off wife wanted to talk about his drinking first

A 60-year-old Indian man could spend the rest of his life in jail for the brutal murder of his wife over late dinner.

Ashok Kumar from Ghaziabad, New Delhi, allegedly shot dead his 55-year-old wife, only identified as Sunaina, because she refused to serve him dinner unless they talked about his drinking first.

“The husband arrived home late and drunk and demanded for food. But she was not happy with his drinking.She wanted to talk about it before serving dinner,” says Rupesh Singh, senior police in Ghaziabad city who was investigating the incident.

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Man, 60, shoots wife dead for delaying dinner

Police say the killing took place on Saturday night after Kumar returned home drunk to his house in Ghaziabad, near New Delhi (file image). Alamy Stock Photo.

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The couple reportedly had a heated exchange over dinner and drinking, during which Kumar snapped, pulled trigger and shot his wife dead.

According to the cops, Kumar was in the habit of coming home drunk and starting a fight with his wife. But this time he took the fight too far.

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Man, 60, shoots wife dead for delaying dinner

Ashok Kumar, 60, is accused of shooting wife Sunaina, 55, in the head when she refused to serve him dinner (women protest against domestic violence in India, file image). Photo: Reuters.

Cases of violence against women in India have on the rise. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, over 327,000 reported crimes in the country are related to domestic violence.

There have been angry protests with Indian women demanding for justice.

Below is video of related case of domestic violence in India:

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