Monster! Police launches manhunt for woman who tied her son on railings to punish him (photos)

- Thailand police are hunting for a mother who was reported for unleashing cruel and illegal form of child punishment on his son

- The monster mother was captured on camera tying his son on railings with plastic cord. The young lad can be heard screaming and saying "I can't breathe, I can't breathe," even as the mother remorselessly tightens the cord

- Video of the cruel act immediately hit the internet, sparking outrage. Over two million views registered so far. Who saved the boy?

Thailand police have launched man-hunt for a woman who nearly killed his son by tying him up with plastic cord on railings outside a food market in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.She was allegedly punishing him.

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Monster! Police launches manhunt for mother who tied her son on railings to punish him (photos)

The woman was captured tying up her child in the middle of a crowded market

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The roadside incident caught the attention of passersby who gathered to witness what was going on. One of the witnesses recorded a video of the bizarre form of child punishment.

In the viral video, an angry woman can be seen yelling at her son, whose wrongdoing remains unknown, as she forces him to bend and holds her head down with her foot. She then straddles the railings with a thick cord and wraps the string around the boy's neck, arms and back.

The petrified young lad can be heard screaming and saying, "I cant breathe, I cant breathe", even as the cruel mother pitilessly tightens the cord.

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Monster! Police launches manhunt for mother who tied her son on railings to punish him (photos)

The boy can be heard moaning and saying 'I can't breathe' but she continues on with her cruel punishment

The mother completely refuses to listen to her pleading son and goes away, leaving the boy tightly tight up like a goat that is about to be slaughtered.

The video immediately hit the internet and sparked outrage as most people condemned the act. It has since attracted some two million views. News of the cruel punishment was reportedly leaked to the authorities by the witness who took the video.

"The mother has a bad heart. She was spotted at the entrance to the temple near the Park Kret market," says Corporal Rangsan Namsang.

The boy was allegedly released later by the mother after she was convinced the punishment was sufficient to deter the boy from repeating whatever mistaken he had committed.

Corporal Namsang says the authorities are already searching for the cruel mother to shed light on what exactly drove her into torturing her own child.

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Watch video of the monster mother tying her son on railings with plastic cord:

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