New dad angry with God for giving him 'an ugly baby', rants on social media about it came across a post shared by a Facebook user who decided to vent his anger after his partner welcomed a baby he termed 'ugly'.

Children are usually addressed as 'gifts from God' and are said to bring joy, but one man seems to think otherwise following his actions on social media.

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A young man identified as Scottie Smith, took to Facebook to share a picture of his newborn son, but instead of the usual encomiums parents are known to shower on their children, his post seemed to be written with disgust.

Smith talked about giving the child away to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

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Man expresses anger after meeting his newborn, calls the baby 'ugly'

Scottie Smith doesn't seem to appreciate his son's looks Photo: Scottie's Instagram/Facebook

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Sharing the post he wrote:

So my baby is finally here and this is Wtf God gave me. Can you put a newborn In DCFS?”

See his post below:

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