Social media goes wild after famous Capital FM presenter photo-shopped himself with Esther Passaris,the pose will ‘kill’ you

- A Kenyan media personality has sparked excitement on social media after photo-shopping himself in some of Esther Passaris’s photos

- The scribe, Joe Muchiri who works for Capital FM has been sharing photos of himself ‘hanging out’ with the ODM Nairobi Women Rep aspirant Esther Passaris

- One of the photos shows Passaris caressing Muchiri’s tummy, as if they were a couple

Popular Capital FM producer and presenter Joe Muchiri is one of the most controversial celebrities in Kenya.

Muchiri, who broke into limelight with his incessant online scuffles with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has resurfaced with yet another issue.

Joe Machiri,a radio professional and social media influencer on Thursday, July 13 sparked excitement on social media after he shared photos of himself with ODM’s Nairobi Women Representative candidate Esther Passaris.

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It goes without saying that Passaris is a hot female politician who has been driving men crazy with her astounding beauty.

Joe Muchiri recently joined the long list of men who have always been drooling over Passaris.

The lad shared a photo moment with Passaris and couldn’t help but rub it on everyone’s face as he took to Instagram to share the photo.The photo showed Esther Passaris posing with Muchiri while caressing his tummy.

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However, it did not take long before Ntizens realized they had been taken for a ride by Joe Muchiri who actually never took a photo with Passaris.

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Muchiri had photo-shopped himself in one of Passaris’s photos with hopes that it would garner him some fifteen minutes of fame.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately it did.

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