Socialite Vera Sidika defends herself after claims she's stealing Nigerian men

- Kenyan socialtie Vera Sidika has been on the spotlight lately following his nasty break up with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend Yommy

- And it didn't help that Nigerian ladies trolled her days on end for stealing their men

- She has now come out to defend herself and of course lash out at for struggling to keep Nigerian men to themselves

Vera Sidika might have learnt her lesson after her last relationship with a Nigerian man went sour.

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Vera, who is still having issues with her ex Yommy, has come out to claim that she will not date another Nigerian man.

Socialite Vera Sidika defends herself after claims she's stealing Nigerian men

Socialite Vera Sidika and her ex Yommy. Photo: Instagram/ Vera

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The 28- year- old socialite revealed this on her Snap-chat account after Nigerian women claimed that she steals Nigerien men.

This could also be a plot twist as She is currently in Lagos Nigeria where she introduced her new bae to her Snap-chat followers.

Just recently, she was attacked by Nigerian women after she made accusations about her ex, Yommy.

They weren't too happy with how she was attacking him yet still claiming she loves Nigerian men.

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Vera also claimed that she never went after any Nigerian man as it was the other way round.

“It’s funny how some Nigerian girls always talking about “these gals should stop taking our men” no! It’s your men that go after foreign girls! Why not focus on keeping your men in your country than attack foreign girls for dating naija Men. They approach them not the other way round! Maybe u should ask yourself why it’s so than point fingers on others. Coz it’s unfair attacking people for no reason. FYI, I don’t intend to date a Nigerian man. So don’t panic Lagos is lit thou,” She wrote.

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