Something utterly WEIRD happened inside the grave of Nairobi's prettiest thug at it will creep you out

- An incident at the late Claire Njoki's funeral in Muran'ga almost brought the whole funeral to a standstill

- And it was not about the police storming her home and making arrests, something sinister happened when the girl was lowered to her grave

- A photo that was shared online shows that the girl's coffin split open just as her family started heaping soil to cover the grave

Something utterly sinister happened when Nairobi's prettiest thug was lowered to her grave in Murang'a.

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Before that.

17-years-old Claire Njoki Kibia was shot dead in Kayole a fornight ago. She was part of the dreaded Gaza gang that has terrorized Nairobi residents for eons.

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No eulogy was read at her funeral. It was a cold, sombre ceremony attended by a handful of her family and neighbors.

Her friends did not attend her last send off lest the plain-clothed policemen at the funeral arrested them.

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At the grave site, those in attendance witnessed something eerily sinister. As soon as the relatives started heaping soil onto the casket, it split open.

Something absolutely weird happened inside the grave when Nairobis prettiest thug was being buried

Claire's casket split open just as soon as relatives started covering the grave

It is not immediately apparent why the casket fell open because the open part was not covered by soil.

The cross on her grave was also placed at the bottom of the grave facing the wrong way.

See some of the reactions on social media:

Giddy Nayabinghi Prince: Jacquelinah Mwehaque....imagine.......even her hubby,,that thief would not avail himself kuattend his baby mama's burial coz he is wanted....mbona uishi life ya kua on the run the whole of your life.....some chicks think life has shortcuts,bt they end up being sacrifices all in the name of "fake love"

Cessy Rufus :This kind of life apana wacha nkafue nguo, or domestic work and b safe n wen I die at least I will b gvn the last respect the best way

Shykx Weruh: don tell mi mchanga ilingonga coffin ikafunguka khaai!!! adi carpenter alikuwa na grudge na yy wooih

William Wallace John: mnaona ile naona mpaka jeneza imevinjika

Carol Kageni: Hiyo coffin ilikuwa ya low quality I wonder inafunguka mchanga ikirushwa

Shasha Jayde Wht a coffine woiishe aki some pple the gal have died ask ur self Mimi na wewe tutazikwa aje her journey have ended it u n me anyway

Something absolutely weird happened inside the grave when Nairobis prettiest thug was being buried

The cross was hoisted at the foot of the grave facing the wrong way

Faize Njiru: Unaeza rusha mchanga aje ifunguke? Don't tell me it was deliberate...

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