These 9 photos of Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura holidaying in the USA are just the best!

Never has a celebrity couple managed to stun and captivate fans as that one of ******** TV's Waihiga Mwaura and his lovely wife, gospel singer Joyce Omondi.

Since their 2015 exclusive, invite only destination wedding in Naivasha, the two have continued keeping their marriage under wraps, probably protecting it from all those social media vultures with an evil eye- and they are flourishing.

So when they do decide to give us a look into their private lives, its all sunshine and honey, and Canaan milk and fields of rose flowers. It is all relationship goals, all marriage goals. took a minute to compile for you these absolutely lovely pictures of the couple on holiday in the United States of America. Yes, in my other life, I too will go sunning in the most powerful nation in the world. Check them out below:

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1. When you husband is your main squad

3. And is the reason for your every minute smile...

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3. Well, what's a visit to DC without a visit to the house on the hill?

4. Tungependeko kutuma salamu kwa Keifer Sutherland...

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5. Your forever after photographer...

6. Make up on fleek...

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7. Um, who wants to take me to the USA, like now?

8. What is it about foreign countries and wanderlust?

9. Maybe he'll give us some insights on his next news anchoring

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