Vera and Huddah’s friend surprises Kenyans after sharing how he was a friend of Biwott

- On the morning that he died,veteran politician Nicholas Biwott had complained that he was feeling a little under the weather

- Kenyans have been mourning the late politicians since then

- Prezzo, who only gets mentioned in the socialite world, shocked many after

As Kenyans mourn the death of Nicholas Biwott, a lot has been coming up, some sad. Some very surprising.

Case in point, rapper Prezzo, who many are used to see in the same sentences with socialites and musicians and not in politics, left many surprised after opening up about his relationship with the secretive billionaire.

Yes, they go way back, at least according to Prezzo.

"It's hard to come to terms with some things in life, losing a close friend is one of them,” said Prezzo in a post seen by

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“Mzee Biwott was a very generous man who helped millions. I am a living testimony because I remember once we flew private together with my mum and his daughter Rita to his home area in Kipsenende where he single handedly built schools, hospitals & took care of people's needs hence gaining the nickname "Total man" Rest In Peace my friend & mentor Mzee Nicholas Biwott, your legacy will live on forever.

As previously reported on Thursday, July 23, the late Nicholas Biwott was a very stern man with a political career spanning decades.

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His wealth was famous and his politicking even more notable but one day, during the burial of the late Mark Too, his armor let slip the fact that Biwott did have a funny bone- one that was highly appreciated by President Uhuru, DP Ruto and other leaders across the political divide.

It’s a bit surprising however, that Prezzo knew him personally.

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What will happen if President Uhuru does not win the election?

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