Why NASA will be handed a resounding defeat in August 8 poll

Our TUKO.co.ke blogger of the day is one Sammy Kwinga, an active commentator on trending social and political issues. He delves into the Raila Odinga's presidential candidacy claiming he will not clinch the presidency in he hotly contested upcoming elections.

NASA presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga has always proclaimed himself as a democrat and a champion of justice.

But why does he always seem hell-bent on preaching water while gulping down wine? He is now leading the NASA brigade in threats to boycott the upcoming general elections should the court let the IEBC retain the last say in declaring presidential results.

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Odinga is convinced the Appellate Court should not bar constituency returning officers from declaring results. And his wish is final; any ruling to the contrary should spark countrywide mass action.

Why NASA will be handed a resounding defeat in August 8 poll

So, is this what he often describes as believing in the rule of law? Is justice served only when a ruling by a Court of Law favours his position?

On countless occasions, the courts have overturned government positions and there is not a time President Uhuru Kenyatta has come out to criticize the Judiciary for a ruling against his command.

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One of the discussions that have followed the boycott pronouncement and intimidation of courts is whether Raila and his NASA cohorts do feel they are above the law. Looking keenly, one can easily see the deep-seated despotism that lies in this man.

Is it not the apex of irony that Raila is hoping to be sworn in as President to protect a law he does not respect?

The truth of the matter, however, is that the Raila-led NASA is ill-prepared to face Jubilee in the August 8 poll. And this is why.

Why NASA will be handed a resounding defeat in August 8 poll

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Over the last four years, the opposition has engaged in worthless casuistry of splitting hairs. The opposition that was expected to keep the government on its toes performed dismally on the floor of Parliament.

This fiasco was expected, given any meaningful contribution in Parliament in terms of bills and debates require preparation and research. These are things that cannot be done by a despondent and disjointed opposition.

In a nut shell, the opposition has failed to prove to Kenyans they could offer sober and alternative leadership to what Jubilee has offered.

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When this reality dawned on them, they mounted their hobby horse of preaching violence and doom captured in the phrase “Kenya will burn…”

One then wonders who would want to vote for talking heads who glee at the prospect of the burning of their motherland.

Why NASA will be handed a resounding defeat in August 8 poll

But who does not know the language of violence is mostly employed by the weaker person, brimming with ego but lacking in substantive ideas.

As they engaged in these theatrics, the Jubilee government toured the opposition strongholds and captured a good number of converts.

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All along, Raila and his cohorts never understood that it is all about brains and not brawn.

It is about wooing the voter with actions of development and forward looking ideas and not empty rhetoric of “we versus them”

Why NASA will be handed a resounding defeat in August 8 poll

It is for this reason that Obama slammed the opposition during his last visit in July 2015 with the famous reminder that wishing failure upon one’s country is not patriotism.

In addition, the Wanjiku of 2007 is very different from the Wanjiku of 2017. The latter knows that she would bear the pain of any conflict created by demagogues.

And certainly, the Wanjiku of 2017 will register a protest vote against war mongers. NASA will certainly reap the benefits of sloganeering and haughty speeches brimming with threats of violence when an overwhelming majority of Kenyans vote for Jubilee on August 8.

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