DOES Uhuru REWARD LOYALITY? Peter Kenneth, Wamalwa and Hon Tuju are OPPORTUNISTS, to cause SPLIT in Jubilee

Photo: The three gentlemen never voted Jubilee in 2013 but now they are parasites feeding on UhuRuto Regime

The 2017 general election campaign fever has arrived and predictably the ever present contenders have begun crawling out of the woodwork looking to come up with the best lies to dazzle voters.

There is nothing else that embodies this opportunistic positioning like the endorsement of President Uhuru Kenyatta by his bitter rivals from 2013; Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua, both of whom have also made it known they will be supporting Jubilee as they seek gubernatorial positions for themselves.

When it comes to Peter and Martha, it is clear that theirs is a self-aggrandizing scheme to gain entry into well paying political offices by feigning Uhuru sycophancy and in the process enhancing Kikuyu political support and influence ahead of the Kenyatta succession in 2022.

While Martha is aspiring to be governor in rural Kirinyaga County that is predominantly rural and occupied majorly by the Kikuyu, nothing coud be more bizarre and self serving as Peter Kenneth’s false claim of entitlement to the Jubilee Party Nairobi gubernatorial ticket. For good measure Martha has refused to desolve her NARC-Kenya party while Kenneth conducted a premature burial of his KNC party as soon as he learnt he name was being touted as a possible Jubilee gubernatorial candidate for Nairobi.

Kenneth ought to be reminded that those who go to funerals and weep louder than the berieved often draw a lot of suspicions to themselves. Any individual claiming to posses of national political credentials is expected to possess certain exceptional qualities; key among them being principled, exhibiting political loyalty and having some honesty and self-respect. And no one beats Sakaja Johnson on this because unlike the others, he does not share ethnicity with the president and is a much younger politician but still saw the wisdom of sticking with his boss who is now President.

Like them or hate them, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Dennis Waweru and Sakaja Johnson stood in total loyalty with Uhuruto during the turbulent ICC days while a prentious and sanctimonious Peter Kenneth purported to walk the moral high ground by writing statements encouraging their detention and voting in parliament to condemn the current Jubilee leaders. Thankfully Kenyans rejected Kenneth by a large margin in the 2013 presidential elections.

Not only is Kenneth pushing out those whose loyalty was tested and found to be firm during the harrowing ICC trials of both Uhuru and Ruto, he brings absolutely no new value into Jubilee or Nairobians for that matter. Jubilee numbers in Nairobi will not change or increase with Kenneth’s entry into the gubernatoria race.

Kenneth choice of Nairobi, rather than Muranga County where he served as Gatanga member of parliament for a decade long two terms betrays Kenneth’s opportunistic tendencies as he patiently waits like a vulture to reap from among the populous Agikuyu community which are known to be strong in Nairobi and its environs.

Needless to conclude; it is very hard to see Uhuru and Ruto turning their back on loyal supporters like Sonko, Waweru and Sakaja to support an unknown package like Kenneth. The next two months will separate the wheat from the charf and expose these shameless and parasitic political leeches.

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