IN CASE YOU MISSED! These are the photos Kenyatta's First Family Wedding (PHOTOS)

President Uhuru Kenyatta's first son Jomo officially wed the love of his life Achola on Saturday. The traditional ceremony that was held in Gatundu, aimed at uniting the bride and the bridegroom families. Achola is the daughter to Ruth Ngobi from Bondo Siaya County. The couple who have been in a relationship for quite long received the blessings of their parents for prosperity in their marriage. Defence secretary Rachel Omamo is Achola's aunt.


The question being asked by many is whether this is a political marriage or it is real love. Raila Odinga's late son Fidel also married Veronica Nganga just a few months to the election, a marriage that did not last longer. It was seen as Odinga's political tactics. The marriage between the Omamos and Kenyatta raises eyebrows which can be interpreted as a political move. Achola's grandfather Odongo Omamo was an unrelenting foe of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in Bondo. In fact, he was KANU MP in the region when Jaramogi was detained. The two families have had a long history of political supremacy in Bondo. The battle was renewed after the appointment of Omamo as a defence secretary.

We wish them love and prosperity.

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