CNN Reveals How American Elections Were Rigged

Declaration of Donald Trump as the US president might be as a result of a rigged process. CNN report has tabled the evidence from computer scientists indicating manipulation of results from three states. Computer scientists have called for Hillary's campaign team to call for voters recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The scientists led by Alex Halrderman, Chief computer scientist at the University of Michigan, claimed that there were 7% disparities in Clinton votes in these states that used the electronic voting system. They suppose that the hacking of the election might be the influence of Russia.

Calls to abolish electoral college has intensified after Clinton defeat. Clinton defeated Trump on popular votes, while Trump won on electoral college votes, an issue that has sparked violence in various parts of the United States

The Clinton campaign has not yet responded to this call.

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Wed, 11/23/2016 - 06:25 -- Vincent Felix