Socialite Huddah Monroe Makes Fun Of AKOTHEE's Small Ass After Posting This Provocative Photo

Socialite Huddah Monroe - whose real name is Alhuda Njoroge, happens to be the most followed hottest female Kenyan celebrity on Instagram. 

Huddah Monroe and Akothee

She's obviously popular because of the numerous photos of her really **** thighs, ass, face and etc flooding our Instagram timelines.

Don't even get me started on the once in a while twerk videos she normally uploads. I've shared one video on Youtube just for my 'mafisi readers'. You can find the steamy twerk video here ⏩⏩

Huddah Monroe butt

On her latest IG upload, Huddah Monroe decided to post a picture of her very beautiful bottom and captioned it

"If size mattered the elephant would've been the king of the jungle ☺️.... #Views #igotthatafricansauce"

By elephant she was referring to the A$$ manenos. And that size doesn't matter. That's when richest Kenyan musician decided to comment on the matter, check out the screenshot below;

Huddah Monroe literally agreed with Akothee's opinion that her bum is small but that it also doesn't matter.

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Thu, 01/05/2017 - 05:54 -- Anonymous (not verified)