Sound systems fail as CORD make GRAND declaration and Kenyans can’t deal

-Finally, the National Super Alliance (NASA) has been unveiled at the Bomas of Kenya Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

-The much hyped event was attended by thousands of opposition leaders,and promised to be an interesting affair

-Kenyans’ highlight of the day, however, was when sound failed just as CORD were making the most crucial announcement

The massive unveiling of the NASA suffered a setback, albeit via the form of a technical hitch after sound dramatically failed just as James Orengo was making the grand declaration of NASA’s resolution.

Power Goes out as CORD make GRAND declaration and Kenyans can’t deal

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Opposition leaders from different fronts congregated at the Bomas and made a declaration that they will work together to oust Jubilee in the 2017 general election.

Power Goes out as CORD make GRAND declaration and Kenyans can’t deal

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The leaders included ODM's Raila Odinga, Wiper's Kalonzo Musyoka, Ford Kenya's Moses Wetangula, Amani National Congress' Musalia Mudavadi and KANU's Nick Salat.

Power Goes out as CORD make GRAND declaration and Kenyans can’t deal

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The event was packed with pomp and hype, even as chaos threatened to derail the entire proceedings early on.

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The microphone malfunction sent the entire fraternity into a frenzy, and a woman can be heard yelling, "Wametukatia stima!" loosely translated as "They've switched off the power!"

Interestingly, sound went out when Orengo was taking a jibe at the Jubilee government.

“We the party leaders, elected officials and aspirants are gathered here today presenting the hopes and aspirations of millions of Kenyans for our Just united democratic and prosperous nation disturbed by the Jubilee administration’s belligerent….” Orengo was saying before sound went off

The ever lingering Kenyans were quick to note the error, and the comments came in flying:

Justin Maina I thought there no need for backup since technology never fails

Gibzang Richard Now you know you need backup incase of failure

Francis Kigondu Backup people....backup!!

Martin Weru Disorganized lot. How could they not have a back up mike? Oh, they are back up haters

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Maxamed ***** What happen to the microphone? watakuja kusema ni jubilee ilizima kkk

AbeDnegoh Dekesh And you people were voting out manual back-up system...mtajiju. Hahhaa, #Naswa

Stephen Kigano Msicheze na Jubilee, waliwazimia stima. Simngekuwa na backup generator? KPLC inawenyewe.

Watch the awkward moment below:

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