Could It Be That People In This Country Are Having Too Much ***? Condoms Cost 69,115 Ksh! [Details]

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I wonder what would happen if this kind of shortage hit Kenya. Earlier this year, CNN visited Venezuela and did a very interesting story about what has been going on in the South American nation. The country has had a history of high inflation and shortage of basic commodities such as food, water and personal effects.

In February, things were at one of the worst levels the country has ever experienced. Residents in various parts of the country complained about lack of birth control pills and condoms. The report indicated that one seller was offering a packet of 36 condoms for 4,760 bolivars - which translated to 755 US Dollars at the time.

The President of the country, Nicholas Maduro had in June 2014 announced that the would be a factory opening to manufacture condoms. However, this was not achieved in time and the result? What Magdymar Leon, a coordinator at the Venezuelan Association for an Alternative Sexual Education termed as the loss of the ability to make family planning decisions.

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