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Villa Rosa Kempinski last week held the premier Full Moon Party at 88, its exotic and elegant Pan-Asian Lounge and Restaurant.  A celebration popularized in Asia, the event is set to take place monthly before, during or after the full moon paying homage to the significance of the moon in certain Asian cultures.
The party is aimed at bringing guests together with good entertainment as they enjoy a culinary journey across Asia in a sultry ambiance that includes a DJ in the lounge set up.
The invite-only event served as a sneak peek that allowed guests to sample an array of exotic dishes and cocktails, as well as the restaurant’s signature cocktail, ‘Tom Kha Vodka’.  The menu included a live station where Laksa soup, a classic spicy Chinese Malay Soup served with condiments such as chicken, mushrooms, tofu, vegetables and herbs was prepared to the guest’s  liking.

On offer were a wide array of sushi to cater for all tastes including ‘Maki’; Layers of both cooked or raw fish or shellfish, vegetables and vinegared rice on a sheet of dried sea kelp rolled into a cylinder then cut into pieces,  and ‘Sashimi’;  slices of raw fish and seafood.

‘I don’t usually go for Sushi, but this is so different from what I expected because of what they add—it’s very tasty and there’s a lot of variety.” said Atieno Owiyo, 26 a guest and sales executive from a city firm.

The night replicated the restaurant’s theme nights of Laksa Night Tuesday and Sushi and Cocktails offered Tuesday to Sunday evenings.

In attendance at the event were the hotel’s top management, esteemed guests and members of press. “Tonight serves as a thank you to our guests and partners and a preview of what you can expect in the coming months here at 88   Lounge and restaurant --which is a fresh and intimate experience across Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine,” said Manish Nambiar, Villa Rosa Kempinski’s General Manager.

The Pan-Asian dining venue, serves eclectic fusion cuisine as well as exotic beverage selections. Chef de Cuisine Prapai Pattamang from Thailand and his team have dedicated themselves to gastronomic artistry that transpires through the theater kitchen as guests can watch the master Chef preparing their meals.

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